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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Settling down in Madrid

After two months in Ethiopia and Somaliland, and ten days in Oxford, I'm finally back home in Madrid. Actually I've been back for a couple of weeks but things got a bit unsettled when Almudena got stranded in England due to the volcano, so it's only now that I feel I'm settling.

I won't be doing any traveling until late June, when we head back to Oxford. I was planning on going to the Italian army archives in May, but a contact in Rome tells me I have to apply three months in advance! Now I'm planning to go in September.

So how will this grizzled old traveler deal with not being on the road for two whole months? Well, I have a lot of book writing to do, plus finishing up my series of travel articles on Ethiopia, plus keeping up with this blog and my writing blog. I'll also be enjoying Madrid's nightlife, hiking, and literary scene. So stay tuned, I may be at home, but I can still explore!

Coming next: two adventurous ways to cross Africa!

Photo of Plaza de Cibeles courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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