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Monday, 6 July 2009

First photos of a three year-old

My three-year-old son Julián wanted to learn how to use our digital camera, and this is his first photo. Not bad! This is, of course, yours truly and Almudena. We're at the cafe at St. Mary's church on Radcliffe Square, Oxford. Julián wanted to take a second picture and told us just how to pose.

Yeah, we have a Ph.D. and three Masters degrees between us and this is how he wants us to be remembered. He even made Mama put on his little green hat.


Anonymous said...

Haha cool photos :-)
Great to see Almudena, too. Her hair has grown! :)

I have full intentions of making it to Ethiopia. More soon!

Keefieboy said...

Sean, that second pic is sooooo sophisticated. Your son is obviously a genius.

Katrina said...

He did great! The pictures my son takes of us are always of our...er...middles. He says, when asked why he doesn't include our faces, "Because I like your tummies." As if it should be obvious.

Almudena said...

Will anyone ever take me seriously after that second photo? :)