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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dowsing for graves

In the course of my research I come across some strange stuff. I've been invited to Cass County, Missouri, to present one of my history books and while searching around their historical society website I discovered an article on dowsing for graves. Apparantly two volunteers who have been participating in recording local cemeteries use a rather unorthodox technique to find them, and have published their methods in case you want to try it out for yourself.

First you need to practice on a marked cemetery to get the hang of it, and then you can venture off into likely spots to find unmarked graves. The technique is so accurate you can even tell the height and sex of the body by how the dowsing rods move.

While you're probably getting skeptical by this point (I know I am) the author claims she has actually tested this method by using it on a family plot and found three unmarked graves. When the funeral home checked two of the spots, they found coffins.

Hmmm. When I go to Cass County for the reading, I think I'll ask to see this in practice.


Sam Palmer said...

Honestly, it doesn't seem all that strange to me. While many continue to discount the "old ways," science (particularly in the area of psychology) is discovering that practices once believed to be purely superstitious mumbo-jumbo truly do work. At one time, aura-reading was considered to be fraudulent nonsense, but scientists have actually been able to capture photographs of aura, and observe differences detailed by an aura reader.

Just some food for thought.

Sam Palmer

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Sean McLachlan said...

It is possible that dowsing works, but I don't know of any proper studies that have put it to the test. The problem is that many "scientists" assume these things don't work so they don't test them. It's the same with many atheists. They assume there's no deity despite the fact that they can't disprove the existence of one.

I doubt the existence of both a deity and dowsing, but I'd be interested in seeing a proof of either. More likely with dowsing than God.

Chris Overstreet said...

I don't want to appear to be closed-minded -- but you had me all the way up until "dowsing rods". I hope you'll see a demonstration and let us know how it goes.