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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tuna Lickers Return to Tokyo Auction

The BBC has reported that tourists will once again be allowed into Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. Local officials imposed a month-long ban because of numerous incidents of tourists fondling, licking, and even riding the giant tuna that supply Tokyo's restaurants. Auctioneers apparantly found the tourists' antics distracting, and diners in the famously clean nation probably didn't like the idea of their sushi being sexually harassed. Workers also complained about too many camera flashes going off and trouble keeping the stall temperatures cool enough with so many visitors coming and going.

But tourism is a powerful economic force. The fish market is the largest of its kind in the world and draws thousands of visitors a year, who show up as early as five in the morning to watch the loud and competitive auctions. The market moves almost 3,000 tons of fish a day, including the giant tuna that are the most popular attraction. The spokesman for the market says that visitors will once again be allowed in, but they will have to follow the proper sanitary codes.

In other words, please don't lick the fish.

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