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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

New Pyramid Found in Egypt

It seems strange to say, but archaeologists have discovered a previously unknown pyramid in Egypt. Only the base has survived, standing to a height of five meters and completely covered by the desert sands of Saqqara, on the outskirts of Cairo. This brings the number of known pyramids in Egypt to 118.

It was probably the tomb of the mother of King Teti (ca. 2323-2291 BC) founder of the Sixth Dynasty. Women's pyramids were much smaller than the big pharoahs' pyramids we're used to seeing in pictures and on television. When I was in Egypt back in 1991 I crawled around in a couple. They'd crumbled enough that I could worm my way between the blocks and get into the interior.

After I got out of one an Egyptian said, "You shouldn't do that. There are scorpions in there."

Ooops. I guess Anubis didn't want me yet.

The BBC has a cool slideshow about it here.

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