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Friday, 14 November 2008

Great Movie About Illegal Immigration

I watched an excellent movie about illegal immigration to Spain last week titled 14 Kilómetros. The title is taken from the shortest distance from Morocco to Spain, a route traversed by thousands of illegal African immigrants every year. The film follows three people from Mali and Niger as they trek across vast deserts and several borders trying to make it to the First World.

This is a seriously depressing movie. Almudena couldn't even watch it to the end, despite its good acting, beautiful scenery, and a soundtrack that we intend to buy. What struck me was the similarity to movies and documentaries I've seen about illegal imigrants crossing the desert from Mexico into the U.S.--the same natural dangers, the same hostile and occasionally helpful policemen, the same exploitative smugglers. The only things different were the culture and language. It would be interesting to see how a Central American audience would react to this movie.

Highly recommended, but not if you only watch movies to escape reality.

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