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Monday, 6 October 2008

Madrid Guidebook Project

I've just signed up with Pulse Guides to write online updates for their new Madrid guidebook. Pulse Guides has a series called Night & Day for people who only have a few days in a city and want to get the best experience in a short time. Talented travel writer Lara Cummings wrote the book, but I'll be responsible for quarterly updates and expansions, a monthly letter on the website, and contributions to the Pulse Guides' newsletter. You can read my monthly letter, about Madrid's autumn art season, here.

I have a good feeling about this company. Too many guidebook publishers are still working off an old business model, thinking that simply coming out with a new edition every two or three years is enough to drive sales. Not when everyone checks the Internet for travel information! By publishing new information about every city every month, and putting a major expansion to each title online every quarter, Pulse Guides is going to leave traditional guidebooks in the dust. It's not the only guidebook to post online updates, but it's amazing how few others there are.

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