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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Spain is Getting Automated, Pt. 2

I was back at my local supermercado yesterday to do some more shopping, and very few people are using the automatic checkout machines I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I guess they'll take a while to catch on. I used one, but when I scanned a bottle of wine, it beeped for a human cashier and informed me in a pleasant recorded voice that I'd need to show proof of age.

Well, this Grizzled Old Traveler is obviously over 18, so the cashier didn't bother asking for ID; she merely swiped a card to let me through. The funny thing, though, was that she had to come from one of the live checkout lines to help me. So not only are these automatic checkouts not reducing the work force, which is what higher management surely intended, but they're actually making the workforce less efficient! This is Spain, and pretty much everyone is buying some wine or beer with their shopping, so this is a bug they're going to have to fix.

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