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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Don't Buy Books From Liars

Well, the Lonely Planet scandal that I mentioned a couple of posts ago is still stinking up the Internet, and I was going to write a nice long rant about what an idiot Kohnstamm is and why nobody should buy his book, but it turns out Eva Holland has already written all about it. Please read her article. It says everything I was going to say.

Except for one thing. Holland thinks most of the Kohnstamm's lies are in his guidebooks. I think his guidebooks were probably fairly well done or LP wouldn't have kept hiring him. I've found inaccuracies in LP guidebooks, and in all guidebooks, but in general I feel they're some of the better ones out there. I think most of his lies are in his so-called memoirs, the title of which will never appear on this blog. This sort of thing makes life harder for every writer.

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