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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ten reasons the Moon landing conspiracy theory is stupid

Recently I discovered a friend had fallen for the "all the Moon landings were faked" conspiracy theory. I have to say I was disappointed in someone who usually shows keen insight and judgment, but a natural mistrust of his government had clouded his thinking. Governments lie on a regular basis, especially the U.S. government, but that doesn't mean they lie all the time. Here are ten reasons that this conspiracy theory, peddled by people who want to make a quick buck, is total bullshit.

1. The testimony of thousands of people involved in the project.

2. The fact that none of them in the past 40 years have blown the lid on the "conspiracy", despite the potential to get millions for their story.

3, The hundreds of professional and amateur astronomers worldwide who saw the reflected light of the lander on the Moon through their telescopes, and the countless people they showed this wonder to.

4. The fact that the Soviet Union, despite its extensive spy network and a very big motive, never called the U.S. on the "lie."

5. The fact that no other nation hostile to the U.S. has done this in 40 years.

6. The hundreds of pounds of Moon rocks divided up and sent to researchers in dozens of countries, including Russia. Moon rocks are unlike any rocks found here on Earth. Where did the conspirators get them?

7. The fact that actually going to the Moon is not a great physical or technological feat for an already space-faring nation, merely an economic challenge, and we're talking about the richest country in the world here.

8. A Nasa satellite has photographed the Moon landing site from space. Of course they're part of the conspiracy, but are Japan and India?

9. The weak arguments of the "hoax" has been debunked in several venues. Here's only one of the best.

10. Given all the above reasons, it would be easier just to go to the Moon!

Photo of Charles Conrad Jr., Apollo 12 Commander, courtesy of NASA. This photo is not faked. People really can achieve amazing things when they try hard enough.

1 comment:

mitakyt said...

One thing is to doubt if one event has happened but another thing is to insist to take picture of stars with daytime camera settings. It shows:
Lack of knowledge about the photography, physics and basic reality laws;
It shows laziness. Everybody can set his camera at manual settings for a sunny day - i.e. 1/125 shutter speed, use ISO 100 film (or value set on your digital camera) and f/22 aperture. Then wait for the brightest night and try to take picture of the night sky and see if you'll see any stars. Well, you'll NOT of course.

And the lack of stars on the moon landing pictures is just one example among many stupid ones... The people are so easy to full. I think I'll start make money out of stupid people instead of getting mad at them. They are hopeless.