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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A lowland ramble through central Spain

I've been doing a lot of hiking recently, thanks to a new group called Hiking in the Community of Madrid. After a great time exploring the weird rocks of La Pedriza, the next trip was through the countryside around Colmenar de Oreja and Chinchón, two towns that retain some of their Renaissance splendor. The photo above shows the fine church at Colmenar de Oreja. There's a miraculous crucified Jesus there and the church shop has all sorts of Jesus schwag for sale, even a Jesus lighter! Sadly everybody was in Chinchón for a First Communion ceremony so I didn't get to buy one.
Unlike La Pedriza, this hike was an easy jaunt through rolling countryside, with orchards, vineyards, pasture, and open fields.
The wildflowers were out in full bloom. I guess I should have picked some of these for Almudena, but I've never liked flowers as a token of affection. It's seems to say, "Here, I saw something beautiful and killed it for you. Put it in a vase and watch it decompose as a symbol of our love." I think a roadtrip around Ethiopia makes a much better gift.
Lots of open space and fresh air!
And a friendly tree to greet us as we pass.
Like at La Pedriza, I found a sign to Julián. I was actually hoping for my son to become a Motocross champion rather than a bullfighter, but it's not really up to me. The organizers of the hike have some ideas for hikes that he can manage. At four he's already able to go six kilometers over fields. Some day he'll even be able to match his Papa!

Most of these photos were taken by Beau Macksoud and Cynthia Kane. Thanks for the pics!

Next time: the castle at Chinchón!

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