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Monday, 14 June 2010

Climbing mountains in Spain

It was stormy up in the mountains yesterday so the group Hiking in the Community of Madrid didn't get to do our planned excursion to Patones de Arriba. So instead, here are some photos of last week's hike up Abantos mountain above El Escorial, the famous 16th century palace/monastery. Of course we've all seen it before, so we climbed the mountain instead! The first part of the climb was a steep ascent, made easier due to plenty of shade from trees.
I spent a lot of time looking back over my shoulder. Hardly surprising considering the view.
This is what faced us. Looks like there's some great bouldering, just like at La Pedriza.
Like in many parts of the Sierra de Guadarrama, you can drink from the mountain springs.
Bullfight anyone? Nah, let's just get to the top of the mountain. . .
. . .and see these amazing views! There's another hike that goes along those ridges all the way to the peak in the distance. I'll have to try it sometime.
El Escorial looks like a toy from this height, but it's actually huge.
Now we're headed back down the mountain. Yours truly is on the left.
This cool house in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is going to be the future headquarters of Hiking in the Community of Madrid, assuming someone donates a couple million euros. Can you imagine drinks and barbecues on those porches after a long day on the trails?

Photos courtesy Beau Macksoud and Cynthia Kane. My own camera is in Ecuador with my brother-in-law!

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