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Monday, 6 April 2009

Policewomen In Wet T-Shirts

It's always nice to come back to England. This week my local paper The Oxford Times reported that the Thames Valley Police would be issued new uniforms. Officials said they wanted a more modern, comfortable, cool look. I must say the new uniforms do look better, especially since they're ditching the silly bowler hats, but about halfway through the article we come upon the real reason for the changes. The old-style white shirt became transparent when wet.

Now getting your shirt wet is a common enough thing here in Old Blighty, so I feel a bit cheated. Why did I never see a policewoman in a wet t-shirt? At the first hint of rain (i.e., every day) did the fair ladies of the Thames Valley Police all take a personal day? Did they not see the crime-fighting potential in all this? They could have had criminals, who are predominantly young males, running to them instead of away from them. They could have given lectures to youthful hoodlums and actually gotten them to listen, or at least stay put and stare. Why has the government missed yet another chance to solve this country's spiral into chaos?

And what will this post do to my google ads?


Anonymous said...

machista, that's what you are... or maybe you are just a guy :)

Sean McLachlan said...

When will men be free of this rampant sexism? :-)

Chris Overstreet said...

Never. But do you really want to see the average policewoman in a wet t-shirt? There's a reason that they are sometimes referred to as "matrons".

Also, I note that your Google ads have behaved predictably.