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Monday, 5 January 2009

When Your Child Scares You

Julián's obsession with flags continues. He likes looking at our visual dictionary because it has pictures of all the world's flags (along with lots of cars, his other obsession) and he also likes the Flags of the World site because it has an interactive map, a coloring section, and lots of regional and city flags too. I never thought a three year-old could get so focused on something. A couple of nights ago we were on the website, flying around Africa in our imaginary plane, and I showed him the flag of Chad:

He asked me, "Where's the crest?"

"There is no crest, kid," I replied.

He hopped off my lap, pulled the visual dictionary off the shelf, opened it to the flag section, and asked, "What flag is this, Papa?"

He was pointing to the flag of Andorra:

OK, now I'm worried.


Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Sean,
My name is Glenn Moores, from Calgary, Canada.
I just visited your blog- Grizzled Old Traveler and lo and behold , I read that you are going to The Gambia, later this year. I am a Postcrosser , but more than that , I am trying for the impossible. A postcard mailed to me from every country in the world. To date I have received cards 209 different countries. Depending on what list of countries and stamp issuing entities, one uses, I think that I still have 47 to go . Many of those still outstanding are from Africa of course, including The Gambia .
Would you consider dropping a postcard in the mail , to me , during your upcoming trip?
I can certainly get a postcard from exotic Calgary off to you.
Let me know your thoughts and if you agree, I will send you my mailing address.
Actually it is on my blog, if you have time to look.
Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon.


Sean McLachlan said...


I'd be happy to send you a card from The Gambia. I only posted about The Gambia a few days ago and already I have two Postcrossers interested. I wonder what the response would be if I posted on the forum! Anyway, I'm not sure when I'm going to go, but I'm assembling a list of people to send to so I'll be sure to include you. keep in mind that I may not go until the autumn. Getting 209 countries is truly an achievement. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. I think I knew pretty much every flag in the world by the time I got to school...and it turned out to be just the beginning of a lifelong obsession with geography (my degree subject) and travel which shows no signs of abating yet!

Ana said...

your son is one little genius...you should be proud, i know i would have been :)

try him with the Cuba/Puerto Rico flags...or maybe Czech Republic/The Philippines...now this might be a sign of worry :)

however, congrats on the good bringing him up! keep up with it

diamondcait said...

Rex and I just went to Barnes and Noble today with Aly, and we found a book on flags of the world with magnetic flags for your fridge! Guess who's the best American godparent ever?! Of course, it only has a dozen or so, but there are lots of pictures, and fun flag facts for you to amaze him with. Woo hoo!

Sean McLachlan said...

Cool thanks! I'm sure he'll appreciate it. He may even forgive you for dropping your suitcase on him.

diamondcait said...

I like to think the weight of the suitcase caused amnesia. And sparked his interest in demolition derbies.