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Saturday, 3 January 2009

When Will I Get To My 26th Country?

I just added a fun new gadget at the bottom of this blog, showing the countries I've been to. I think 25 isn't too bad, huh? But it's only 15% of the world's countries! There are huge swathes of the planet I've never even glimpsed. 

Well, this year I'm going to see country number 26. For Christmas my wife has promised me a flight to The Gambia. Spanair does cheap flights from Madrid in partnership with the Gambian government, which is trying to promote tourism. Most people go to the beach resorts, but I'll be heading up the River Gambia to see the interior. I'll also be trying to meet Gambian writers. And I'm sure my friends on Postcrossing will be bugging me for Gambian postcards!

But when? I'm not sure. Writers tend to be poor at the beginning of the year, when there are few deadlines. I need to go to England next month to research an article, and then we'll be living in Oxford from April through September, so guess it will have to be in the fall, unless I get an unbearable travel itch (and an unexpected windfall) that sends me off to Africa early. 

In the meantime it's looking to be a good travel year for me. I need to go to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam for work, and I plan to hike the length of Hadrian's Wall when I'm in England.

So what did I get Almudena? She took me to El Corte Ingles, the big department store chain in Madrid, and picked out an espresso machine. This is a great deal for me. She doesn't want to go to The Gambia, but I get to share the espresso!


Anonymous said...

who says I'm sharing my espresso machine with you :)

Ana said...

25 countries? wow...thats great indeed, regardless how small the overall percentage sounds :) ive been to like....15 countries so far, give or take..

and i see youve been to some places i would kill for (well, i was actually reading things and when i scrolled to the bottom, i noticed the map :)

youve been also to Bulgaria and Greece...in my closest neighbourhood..im just across the border ;)

and yup, you can be pretty sure that once it gets known you are going to Gambia, you are gonna be overflooded with requests for a postcard...hm, ok, ill press send before i make a request myself ;)