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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

¡Viva Presidente Hussein!

Today I'm off to a big inaugeration party at one of Madrid's posh hotels. I'm very happy that Julián will grow up thinking there's nothing strange about a black man being president of the most powerful country in the world. Barack Hussein Obama will be the first president he remembers. I'm glad he's too young to remember Bush!

To celebrate the occasion, I've created a new Facebook group called "President Hussein" and other Cool Names. This is a semi-serious group advocating tolerance of unusual names. Feel free to join. The description is below.

"When people hear the name 'Hussein' they tend to think of a pot-bellied Middle Eastern dictator. Well, there are millions of people named Hussein and most of them are pretty cool. One just became president of the United States, despite being hounded by certain media outlets about his middle name.
"This is a group to get rid of the stigma of foreign-sounding names. You don't have to be a Democrat to join (I'm not), you just have to be able to hear a foreign-sounding name and realize it doesn't sound foreign somewhere else in the world.
"By the way, my middle name is Geldard. Bet you haven't heard that one before!"


Anonymous said...

Which is Julián's??


Reminder: Sean u did't send me the Oxfor school msg!
See u!

Sean McLachlan said...

In keeping with Spanish tradition, Julián doesn't have a middle name. Since you folks have hyphenated last names that theoretically go back as far as you can remember your paternal ancestor's family names, I guess there's no need.
I'll send the info on the Oxford school right away.