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Monday, 25 August 2008

Denmark: World's Happiest Country

A recent study from the University of Leicester ranked the happiness of all the nations in the world, using the responses of 80,000 people worldwide. Denmark ranked number one, while the U.S. came in at number 23 and the United Kingdom came in way down at number 41.

The BBC report claimed this is the first such study, but they're wrong. Way back in 1985, when yours truly was sixteen and going on an exchange program to Denmark, there was a study that reported Denmark as being the happiest country on Earth. I'm not surprised. It's a culturally unified country (more or less) with great social services and a low crime rate. They also make nice beer and have beautiful women, so I can say from experience that Denmark is a great place to be, especially when you're sixteen.

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Keefieboy said...

I think last year a similar study showed that Vanautu (where?) was the happiest place. Tell me this: if Danes are so happy, why do they have one of the highest suicide rates on Earth? (Maybe the survivors are happy, and the self-toppers are gone).