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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Spain's First Female Defense Minister Gives Birth

Carme Chacón, Spain's first female Minister of Defense, gave birth to a son yesterday. Congratulations, Carme! I wish you well even though you're a rich politician. The kid's name is Miquel and he weighs 2.8 kilos.

After Prime Minister Zapatero got reelected this year, he made Spanish history by creating the first cabinet containing more women than men. This set off a wave of nasty comments in the conservative press both inside and outside Spain, with Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi making a fool of himself as usual by referring to Zapatero's "pink cabinet". Other commentators wondered how much maternity leave Chacón is going to take, which is a valid concern, although I doubt Morocco will try to take over Isla de Perejil again.

Poor Miquel, he's going to have to become a hippy to rebel against Mommy.

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