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Monday, 7 April 2008

Mobile phones on planes? No thanks!

I'm so happy I could puke. It was just announced today that mobile phones (cell phones to you Yanks) have just been approved for flights within Europe. New technology means they won't interfere with navigation systems. They'll be available on Air France as early as next month, with Ryanair soon to follow.

Great. Now I can be surrounded by yakking idiots on the plane too. I used to enjoy flights because it was one of the rare times I could get some quiet reading done. Now I have to tolerate people screaming into their mobiles. Time to invest in a pair of ear plugs.


Keefieboy said...
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Keefieboy said...

I can't believe anyone thinks this is a good idea! It sucks. I never believed the old excuse about 'interfering with navigation systems', I think the old excuse was more a case of there not being a network of cell transmitters at 35,000 feet. No doubt there'll be a hefty charge for you to actually use your mobile in-flight.