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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A Real Traveler

Science fiction author Sir Arthur C. Clarke has died. Besides being an influential and highly popular writer, he was an avid scuba diver, advocate of space exploration (the ultimate in adventure travel), and loved the East so much he lived much of his life in Sri Lanka. In a farewell video filmed just before his 90th birthday, an ailing Sir Clarke had this to say:

“Being completely wheelchaired doesn’t stop my mind from roaming the universe”

I hope they shoot his ashes into space like Gene Roddenberry. He deserves it.


diamondcait said...

I'm afraid you must be punished. His legal name is "Arthur C. Clarke, inventor of the telecommunication satellite." Have we taught you nothing?

highlandwriter said...

Kudos for remembering this man who changed so much of how we think and live, through his books.